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About Us

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The Reentry Council, established by Attorney General Holder in January 2011, represents a significant executive branch commitment to the improvement of policies to help break barriers. We work with reentry in all aspects of life from leaving the prison system to obtaining proper health care, to assisting with family stability in all areas of life. We assist the whole being in order to help produce more productive returning citizens.

A chief focus of the Re-Entry Council is to remove barriers to successful reentry, so that motivated individuals – who have served their time and paid their debts – are able to:

  • Compete for a job
  • Attain stable housing
  • Support their children and their families
  • Contribute to their communities
  • Reduce community crime rate and reduce collateral cost of incarceration

The Craven-Pamlico Re-Entry Council believes that those returning from incarceration to society should have a healthy, stable transition.

Craven-Pamlico Re-Entry Board of Directors



Name Position Company Title
Shannon Tuzo Chair Methodist Home for Children

Director of Residential Service

Kathy Kieffer



Jeff Taylor




Scott Dacey


Dr.Gery Boucher




 Board    Member 


 Pace Companies, LLP

Craven Community College 



 Vice  President For Students

Timothy Downs, Vice Chair Thomas & Hutton Engineering CO Regional Director of Economic Development
Jerry Prescott Board Member Retired Business Owner

Pamlico County

Christa kreutz 

Myron Midgette







Craven-Pamlico Re-Entry Staff


Name Biography Company Title
Angela Wilson Craven County Re-Entry Council ReEntry Coordinator
Ashley Lee



  • Associate’s in Criminal Justice.
  • Several years in corrections.
  • Hopes to open more doors for second chance employment.


Craven County Re-Entry Council Job Placement Specialist

Craven County Office

Religious Community Services
503 Guion St
New Bern, NC 28560
252-497-2009 Ext 201

Pamlico County Office

Pamlico Career Center
705 Main St.
Bayboro, NC 28515